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We are all different people from different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common and that is our belief in a loving and merciful Savior-Jesus Christ. As members of Message of Mercy our mission is to praise and uplift HIM and focus on helping others find His love and healing.



Believing that Heaven appreciates both mellow and joyful forms of praise, 'Message of Mercy' selects a wide variety of Spirit-filled songs for a mostly Contemporary Christian repertoire.  A warm, tight blend of harmony vocals, heartfelt solos and personal testimonies make 'Message of Mercy' performances a blessing to audiences- young & old alike. Despite complicated personal schedules, these dedicated young ladies stay busy traveling to perform for a wide variety of engagements including: women's retreats, public concerts, benefits, revivals, youth rallys, camp-meetings, etc. With a focus on the simple elegance of the Gospel, 'Message of Mercy' enjoys performing for ALL denominations in hopes that  listeners will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Message of Mercy  was originally formed in the Spring of 1998 as a group of five friends who met together and found they shared a common love for singing Christian music. What started out as a fun pastime- doing occasional performances, quickly evolved into an active, traveling music ministry heard around the world. 

The group celebrated a milestone at their 10 Year Reunion concert in April 2008. The faces have changed over the years but Gods Message continues through this ministry of music and personal testimony.  We also offer breakout sessions for youth ministries, women's ministries and prayer conferences.



Why Message of Mercy? About Our Name:

"The grace of Christ is not confined to a few. The message of mercy and forgiveness brought from heaven by Christ was to be heard by all. Our Saviour says, "I am the light of the world." (John 8:12). His blessings are universal, reaching to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples. Christ came to break down every wall of partition ... that every soul, whether Jew or Gentile, might be a free worshiper and have access to God....  " 

"To you, My disciples, I commit this message of mercy . It is to be given to Israel first, and then to all nations, tongues, and peoples. It is to be given to Jews and Gentiles. All who believe are to be gathered into one church." 


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