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"Pride goes before a fall"

So do not look to be a hero to anyone- not even your children. Parents are merely Guides- not experts. A Christian should never be smug. Be honest with others about your humanness. Teach the values of Patience, Humility and Forgiveness. You are a parent, but you were never meant to be the one to follow. Nor should it be your goal to make others into carbon-copies of yourself. Each child is uniquely Gods, with a special calling. Do not interfere with the Holy Spirit in their hearts! Like everyone else, you are just a Student of Life. There is only One Perfect Example to follow- He is Christ. Spiritual Pride is an attribute of those who think themselves wise & well-behaved. Think you have it all figured out? That's the time God allows the wheels to come off your wagon. Sometimes we deserve to be reminded how much we need Him.

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