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Love Song of Hope

Today I was blessed to hear a song by Danny Gokey, 'Tell Your Heart to Beat Again'. It really touched me. You see, I have been that person several times, whose life has laid shattered on the floor. God has been FAITHFUL to pick me up EVERY time and keeps me going.

As one who has known a great deal of pain, it has been my life's desire to make a difference and to be a blessing. It is not and never has been my intention to hurt anyone and yet, in my humanness, I have. (A devastating reality for many of us with good intentions.) When I feel like giving up on myself? God is there to remind me that "ALL THINGS work for good" in our lives. He has never allowed anything to be taken from me without raising me to a higher level of strength, wisdom & restoration. So, I encourage all to look up this lovesong of HOPE and let healing begin in your own lives. ~ Paulena

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