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We all have a story, His message of mercy to share, and we are all on a journey with our Savior. Message of Mercy would love to provide your music, be small group facilitators, and key speakers for your next Women's Retreat or Prayer Conference event. Contact us.

Kim Neal Kingry has been singing since she was old enough to. She has been involved with church music ministry for over 20 years including children's praise groups and choirs. Since 1998 she has sung with Message of Mercy.  She has been a worship leader at Collegedale Community Church for the past 5 years. She most recently began Reflections of Mercy, a singing group with 6 teen girls, that just recorded their first original song. If that wasn't enough music involvement, she makes a living as personal assistant to Jaime Jorge, the violinist. She married Dwayne in 2014 and they have combined their musical talents and often minister together. She has a passion for music that praises Jesus and helping young people minister with their talents. The Lord has recently placed on her heart the need to mentor young women in not just music but life. She has begun a small group while researching and praying about starting something to include many others as God opens doors. She doesn't consider herself a teacher or presentor but if you get her talking about making wise choices and setting boundaries you'd be able to tell she feels passionately about helping others in these topics.

Paulena Dickson became a member of Message of Mercy back in 2000. She has worked in church ministry for most of her adult life and uses her singer/songwriting skills to glorify God. She is a full-time medical professional, mother of 4 beautiful children (who are all grown and thriving), loves cycling and fitness, and has a degree in Nutrition and Wellness. Her message for all women is that God never leaves us, He never gives up on us, and He loves us right where we are. We serve a merciful and loving God, and He wants to be with us on our journey. Joey says, "Paulena has been a mentor to me since I was a child. She was my counselor at summer camp. I knew then (and I still know now) that she has an amazing story to share about God's work in her life. I know she'd be the first to tell you that she is far from perfect, but that's why she's perfect for this ministry. She's a very honest, dynamic speaker who has a way of reaching into your soul through her ministry.” Paulena has written over a dozen of songs for Message of Mercy and many of them can be heard on the Mercy Kids, Movin' On, and EP albums. 

Darlene Hubbartt was born in a war torn Nicaragua. She is the daughter of a pastor. She says that, "By the age of 10 I had lived in 5 different countries and survived two wars. My family moved to the United States in 1991 to live the American Dream. I graduated from Southern Adventist University in 2003 with a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in music. While attending SAU I met my husband Rob. We have been married 10 years and have a beautiful girl. I have experienced a lot in life, mostly pleasant things, and some not so pleasant. Through it all God and music have been a constant in my life. He has called me to ministry and I intend to answer the call for as long as I have a voice."


SPEAKING TOPICS: Mess is Now Your Message, Behind the Scenes, and From Fear to Faith 


Christina Romero is one of the five founding members of Message of Mercy. She is an accomplished musician: violinist and singer.  As a wife, mom of 2 beautiful girls, and medical professional she is a busy lady. Music ministry has always been a part of her life. Whether she is singing solos, playing the violin, or singing within the group she is committed to using her talents to glorify God.

Joey Tolbert is a teacher, wife, mom, and has her own solo music ministry. Her first music instructor was her mother (Judy) and one of her favorite memories is singing with her Mom (who would often sing alto and play guitar) in the living room of her childhood home. 

Music ministry has always been a big part of Joey's life. She grew up singing in her local church, and then branched out to other venues-Pathfinder camporees, prayer conferences, youth retreats, and various churches. She has performed with Morningsong Music in their annual Christmas tour and is also an artist with Chapel records. Joey has recently joined the Collegedale Community Concert Singers which has performed multiple times with ward winning gospel music artist- David Phelps. 

She enjoys leading out in small group Bible study and recently facilitated large and small group discussions for a women's retreat for the Collegedale Community Church (2016 and 2017). 


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